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Just a few of the numbers from the show Moonlighting Teachers:

Liver Dance:
One of the most popular numbers

in the show, this tribute to school lunches of the past features a dancing cook, a dancing principal,
and a chorus line of dancing teachers with lunch trays.

Be Nice Polka: Due to behavior problems, a school brings in a group called the “Welktones” for a motivational assembly. With the “Be Nice Polka,” the Lovely Lemmon Sisters urge students: “If you’re feeling cranky, don’t think twice. Put on your happy face and be nice!” The number includes bubbles and a “wunnerful, wunnerful” message.

I Hope It Snows All Night: A teacher grading papers late at night hears the weather report: Snow. She dances around her bedroom in her pajamas in this parody of “I Could Have Danced All Night.”

Bloodborne Pathogen Ballet: This dance number about modern-day playground duty always brings down the house with its mock-serious tone. Teachers in tutus try to deal with a child's bloody nose, with hilarious results.

Going to the Supermarket: Braless and in cut-off jeans, a teacher dashes into the store for some milk. She is mortified to run into a student with her parents and grandparents, who don’t look impressed.

Living in the District Where My School Is Blues: A divorced, unmarried teacher laments not being able to
“mow the lawn in my bikini top” or kiss her date goodnight under the watchful eye of the students
who live nearby.

Let Me Do My Job!: This blues number is a huge hit with teachers. It begins: