Here’s what just a few audience
members had to say about recent shows:

“Moonlighting Teachers was wonderful! Haven’t laughed that much in a long time. What a great show you have — everyone should see it!”

Mark Heffron, Iowa City, Iowa

“Wow! My husband and I were dazzled by the Moonlighting Teachers performance last night. What an AMAZING amount of talent you have gathered together. I’ve been breaking out in grins all day and warbling excerpts of what I remember from the many entertaining songs and skits. So alive, so right on, so fun!”

Victoria Hanley, Fort Collins, Colorado

“The Moonlighting Teachers show was hilarious, clever, fast-paced, polished, relevant and so much FUN!”

S.N., Berthoud, Colorado

“We laughed our heads off! Having both been in education back in Illinois for over 33 years, my wife and I know you hit the nail on the head many times. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire performance.”

Richard and Dorothy Boyer, Illinois