Here’s what just a few audience
members had to say about recent shows:

“I have never seen anything that was so right on!”

M.G., Dean of Instruction, Houston, Texas

“Moonlighting Teachers is without a doubt the most hilarious entertainment I have seen in years. I have seen it three times and always leave with my sides aching from laughter. These educators/actors have captured the true essence of our profession. Every school administrator, teacher and parent should see this wonderful presentation!”

Kitty Nutting, Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics Board Member

“The Moonlighting Teachers show touched everyone. It was absolutely perfect!”

P.W., Bakersville, Missouri

“My teachers have not stopped talking about Saturday’s show since the doors opened this morning.”

S.B., Principal, Denver, Colorado

“You cannot go wrong with Moonlighting Teachers!”

Dr. Don Unger, Superintendent of Schools, Fort Collins, Colorado

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